Project's summary

TELEASIS project is proposing the accomplishment of a system able to offer telecare for elders, at home, from both medical and social point of view.

The purpose to realize such a system is that to alow the deployment and development in Romania of medical aid and social services for elders, at home.
The development of a telecare component, within an assistance service, leads to optimum performance for the service, meaning to offer customized services, depending on certain conditions and concrete requirements - offered by the telecare side, afferent costs optimized through focused involvement of the medical personnel or social assistance, through optimized treatment for some chronic illness, as well as increasing the nursing at home. Secondly, it may meet the demands of elder persons to live in their own home and not at home for elderly, furthering the continuation of the active period by involving this in daily activities of selfcaring, under distant assistance, as well as improvement of the customized management of the assisted person lifestyle.
To realize the system it will be considered using the support offered by NGN networks (next generation networks), that will enable the development of such applications. The project will be completed with an experimental model, for MITAS unit and Call center for telecare, a pilot system to practice the proposed solutions and a guide with the necessary informations in order to implement and develop such a system. In order to realize the project, a consortium was formed: a research institute from communications area, four universities for hardware and software applications, three IMM with qualifications in the research/development area, as well as medical personal and social assistance. The main beneficiar are persons over 60 years who would like a decent life as long as they live, in their own environment at home, as long they can be offered speciality medical and social assistance to concur in a sense to a standard of living.

General objectives

  • Hardware component, that consists in implementation of a customized telecare module - MITAS, as interface for medical devices or environmental sensors used for telemonitoring, interface with communications help, internet, fix or mobile networks, interface used to deliver information towards beneficiary on PC or PDA or TV.
  • Software component, that consists in implementation of software applications necessary to deploy the activity, at a system level, by the assistance perssonel (and/or medical), the applications dedicated to the teleassisted person, for guidance, awareness, involving into a particular activity. We are going to create a database with all the required informations to carry on the telecare.
  • System component, that consists in putting over a system composed of MITAS modules (Interface Modul for Telecare), a call center connected to medical or social assistance centers. As well, the system will allow the persons to communicate, audio and/or video with other persons from the network, using the systemului.
  • Content component, that is the implementation of the specific informations in order to develop a customized program for each user.

Estimated results

  1. experimental model, for MITAS unit;
  2. experimental model for telecare center;
  3. network model for telecare in order to practice the proposed hardware and software solutions ;
  4. database for the telecare center;
  5. customized software applications to deploy the activity into the telecare network;
  6. software applications dedicated to the teleassisted person, for guidance, awareness, involving into a particular activity;
  7. services model for telecare;
  8. guide containing the informations to implement and develop the telecare services at home for elders;
  9. web page dedicated to the project; articles, published into speciality magazines;
  10. papers, reports sustained at national and international conferences; organizing a workshop having as theme the implementation of the telecare services;
  11. presentation CD