Project's duration

27 months (18.09.2007 - 18.12.2009)


Phase I

System Analyse

date 12 December 2007

Accomplished objectives

  • I.1 Study regarding telehealth services development worldwide
  • I.2 Requirement analyze regarding the introduction of a telecare service
  • I.3 Dissemination: designing the web page of the project
Phase summary: Phase I 

Phase II

ICT requirement and system architecture

date 12 June 2008

Accomplished objectives

  • II.1 Study regarding services implementation on NGN networks
  • II.2 Study regarding the use of middleware technologies for complex applications
  • II.3 Shaping an architecture for the telecare system
  • II.4 Dissemination
Phase summary: Phase II

Project's budget

  • Project's total amount:                       1.960.000
  • Finance amount from the state budget: 1.850.000