The stages of development, deadlines and objectives are:

Phase 1: Documentary study on VPN

Deadline: 30 January 2009



·         Study and analysis of achievements in the VPN;

·         Analysis of modalities of interconnection with the communication network in terms of specific VPN;

·         Methodologies and software tools for creating and analyzing the VPN quality of services;

·         Specifying the system requirements;

·         Elaboration and editing of the phase documentation;

·         Design project’s web page.


Phase 2: Specifying the VPN network’s parameters and building up VPN

Deadline: 30 June 2009


·         Specification of hardware and software requirements;

·         Purchase and installation of communication equipment;

·         Establishing VPN communication platforms;

·         Checking operational VPN platforms. Interconnection and experimental tests;.

·         Elaboration and editing of the phase documentation;

·         Dissemination of results.


Phase 3: Verifying the operation of the VPN and experiments

Deadline: 30 April 2010


·         Elaboration of the methodology for experiments;

·         Planning and achieving of experiments;

·         Creation of an data base for teaching and e-learning activities in the communications domain;

·         Establish  of  the modalities for access to the data base and of the possibilities for realization of dialogue between users;

·         Realization and testing of the software applications specific to e-learning and video conference through VPN;

·         Loading of the system with specific information;

·         Elaboration and editing of the phase documentation;

·         Dissemination of results.


Phase 4:
Experiments and data base optimization

Deadline: 30 September 2011


·         Improving and optimization of the experimentation base using the results obtained in the previous stage;

·         Improving the data base content for the system applications  (e-learning and videoconference, etc.);

·         Experimentation and validation of the software modules;

·         Presentation and demonstration of the functionalities;

·         Development and experimentation of interconnected test platform;

·         Elaboration of experimentation reports;

·         Concrete research (case study and focus group) of the using of e-learning services through VPN;

·         Elaboration of a design and user guide of integrated VPN network.