Project presentation:

The project aims to develop and experiment a VPN network for teaching and research units, to make possible various activities such as training courses and e-learning, communication, creation of common libraries, experimental tests, the development of specific software packages, etc.., integrating IT resources and modern techniques of communication available to partners.

Using VPN network technology, an educational and research integrated network, to provide broadband communications and to create the possibility of extending the coverage of various services, in locations with communication and education unfavoured infrastructure can be realized. To achieve the network it will be used modern wireless and cabled communication techniques. The main scope of the project is to ensure broadband access, for multimedia communications and to allow software experimentations between participants.

For this purpose it will be realized an experimental multimedia platform in each unit of the consortium of three universities and two institutes of research, platforms that will integrate networks using VPN. The platform can be in the future developed by integrating other education and research units.

Multimedia platforms designed and tested in this VPN system will be built up using modern information technologies for modelling user and his experience, user interface modelling, design of human-computer interaction providing a rapid and permanent exchange of information between network users. Topics addressed for training and exchange of information will cover most aspects of modern communication networks. In particular will be created and developed specific software training services.

The final aim of the project consists in building a complex infrastructure of the virtual network for remote units, spread over a large geographical area and an integrated set of methodologies, software tools and associated services, tested and validated in collaborative activities (training, complex projects research, sharing of resources). Results can be adapted and expanded into other areas of education and research.

By promoting the integrated network of educational-research is taken into consideration to increase the quality of education researchers, teachers, students and specialists in the IT & C, training young researchers from the ranks of students, expanding the network of education and research, ensuring the conditions for continuous education training and retraining etc..