The project aims to develop and experiment a VPN network for teaching and research units, to make possible various activities such as:


·         training courses and e-learning,
         communication between partners,
         libraries set up,
         experimental tests,
         development of specific software packages, etc..


Applications envisaged between project’s partners include:


·         creation of virtual libraries;
·         using multimedia conference;
·         classes (series of specific thematic lectures) for graduated and students and young researchers;
·         experimental tests on the parameters of transmission quality and security of communications;
·         development of software for training and testing, etc..


Objectives to be achieved in the project are:


·         To make a complex VPN platform for experimentation, communication and collaborative work for learning-research, extensive after completion and testing to other units throughout   the area.
·         Develop a virtual consortium – common, virtual work groups.
·         Developing, testing and implementation of software for VPN specific activities.
         Creating a joint virtual library project for participants, possibly with pay access for those outside the consortium;
·         Exchange of information, achieved by means of multimedia conferences on a VPN;
         Experimental tests on transmission parameters, quality and safety communications for categories of service achievable in the network;
         Highlighting the optimal access technology, according to the mobility required and the type of activities, such as e-learning (video, online discussions, exchange of documentation, etc.).
·         Improving the way and the possibilities for cooperation between units of high education and research, forming complex networks, with the possibility of further development by adding new members with preoccupations in the field and situated in areas of poor coverage, in terms of infrastructure and teaching communications.
         Creation of a modern training set and implementation of information exchange in the field of modern communications.
         Developing of a guide for design and use of VPN for multimedia communications.