Wireless access networks

Introduction and large scale utilization of digital techniques for signal processing made possible the unification of voice, images and data transmission and this substantially modified the aspect of telecommunications. Wireless access networks may be organized according a cellular pattern or as personal or small office, home office networks with interconnection to a backbone network. 

As wireless access networks can be used mesh or ad hoc networks in connection with the available equipments,  with the covering area and with the services.

It can be emphasize that there are two major items which essentially modified the network access: 

  • Large scale penetration of personal computers in business and in private life, and Internet development dramatically changed the communication and business 
  • Large scale development of mobile communication equipments with various facilities and with new and innovative services.

INSCC implication

Research activity in INSCC generated projects as:

  • Analysis of performances and capacities in mesh networks;
  • Analysis of ad hoc networks and their capacities;
  • Establishing and justifying of hybrid access solutions;
  • Dynamic resources allocation and selforganizing in wireless access networks;
  • Virtual access networks;
  • Broadband access technologies;
  • Cooperation between different access technologies in hybrid networks with Wi-Fi, WiMAX and cellular networks, etc.
  • Services in intelligent networks;
  • Comparative analysis for quality and security in wireless access networks,
  • Communication technologies in wireless intelligent networks.

Research Projects

INSCC worked out the following projects within the wireless communications:

  • Integrated communication platform with broadband flexible access, PICABAL;
  • Integrated wireless platform for broadband local access and mobility, with resources selforganization, PABMAR;
  • Analysis and identifying of hybrid solutions for broadband access;
  • Study concerning wireless mesh network;
  • Wireless ad hoc systems;
  • Study concerning UWB system;
  • Study of personal access systems in millimetric and submillimetric frequency bands

The research projects have been delivering the following results:

  • Handbook of broadband access and tests in the domain; 
  • Handbook concerning the dynamic resources allocations and selforganization, including tests; 
  • Handbook of mesh networks; 
  • Analysis and identifying of hybrid solutions for broadband access – study for MCSI; 
  • Analysis of functioning, advantages and specific problems of virtual dispersed networks with wireless access; 
  • Analysis of services in wireless broadband networks and of conditions which sustain or brakes the necessary quality; 
  • Study of communication security in specific condition for access networks.

Papers in journals and conferences – selection:

  • „Rețele wireless de acces pentru servicii electronice complexe” (Wireless access networks for complex electronic sservices), Author Stefan-Victor Nicolaescu, Telecomunicații, nr 2/2011
  • „Rețele wireless în banda undelor milimetrice” (Millimetric wave networks), Author Ștefan-Victor Nicolaescu, Telecomunicații 2/2013


  • „Securitatea în rețele Wi-Fi” (Wi-Fi networks security), author coordinator Ștefan-Victor Nicolaescu from INSCC, Ed AGIR 2008. ISBN 978-973-720-199-7
  • „Accesul wireless de bandă largă” (Broadband wireless access) , in two volumes: vol 1 Prezentare și analiză (Presentation and analysis), vol 2 Măsurători și rezultate (Measurements and results), author coordinator Ștefan-Victor Nicolaescu from INSCC, Ed Printech, 2008, ISBN 978-606-521-080-6,
  • „Rețele wireless de acces – Alocarea dinamică și autoorganizarea resurselor” Wireless access networks – Dynamic allocation and resources selforganizing), autor coordonator Ștefan-Victor Nicolaescu from INSCC, Ed Printech 2010, ISBN 978-606-521-562-7,
  • Rețele virtuale dispersate” (Virtual, dispersed networks), author coordinator Ștefan-Victor NICOLAESCU de la INSCC, Ed Printech, 2011, ISBN 978-606-521-707-2,
  • Rețele mesh” (Mesh networks), authors Ștefan-Victor Nicolaescu, Cristina-Gabriela Gheorghe, Simona Livia Constantin, Ed Printech 2011, ISBN 978-606-521-777-5. 

The activity will continue with the tackle of new tendencies and development directions in the domain at European and worldwide level in the direction of some works concerning proposals for strategy of introduction of 4G systems and for electronic services development according Digital Agenda 2020.

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