Information and communication technologies have a significant impact on medical activity by being able to create devices and systems, allowing a more diversified approach to medical care. Telemedicine represents a typical range of teleassistance services. Communications systems networks provides support for telemedicine  services - the techological resourcesof elementes wich allow telemedicine services, with the applications to telemediicne services concerned in the framework of the network of telemedicine.


INSCC involvement 

The telemedicine R&D activities have been regarding the main topics of: 

  • Communication Technologies which can be used for applications telemedicine services and teleassistance;
  • Systems for teleassistance, at home, for the welfare of the elderly.
  • Multimedia Platforms for deploying complex medical teleservices;
  • Wireless monitoring systems, mobile communications networks, with applications in telemedicine services;
  • Studies and solutions on the introduction of service telemedicine services in Romania.

 Research Projects 

INSCC worked out the following projects within the telemedicine: 

  • Complex system for teleassistance on NGN support, for elderly people -TELEASIS 2007 – 2010 /
  • Multimedia platform for implementing complex medical services - 2005-2007 TELMES
  • Wireless solutions for complex medical data acquisition systems 2003 – 2005
  • Telemonitoring systems implemented on mobile communications networks, with applications intelemedicine 2004 – 2006
  • Study on the introduction of services and solutions of telemedicine in Romania 2001 – 2003

 The research projects have been delivering the following results: 

  • Studies on the development areas telemedicine services, teleassistance at home, development based on ambient environment intelligent;
  • Studies  having as theme the use of telecommunications technologies in developing networks for the implementation of telemedicine or teleassistance  services,  namely: mobile communications systems, wireless systems, network access at home, the NFC technology, multimedia networks, NGN networks;
  • Studies concerning the implementation conditions of user interfaces, for the purpose of acceptance of ICT instruments by the assisted persons and for the  elderly.
  • Models of networks of teleassistance components with their hardware and software.
  • Works on the development of experimental platforms for implementation of telemedicine or teleassistance at home services, according to medical practice, using various communications solutions.

 Papers in journals and conferences – selection:     

  • Webservice-based solution for an intelligent telecare system, Vasile Stoicu-Tivadar, Lăcrămioara Stoicu-Tivadar, Sorin Puşcoci, Dorin Berian,Vasile Topac, Individual Book Chapter in Studies in Computational Intelligence, Volume 378/2012, 383-408, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-23229-9_18
  • Home homecare teleassistance system, Sorin Pușcoci, Dorin Berian, Florin Șerbănescu, RO-MEDINF 2010 – 31st National Conference On Medical Informatics, 18-20 Nov 2010, ARAD, Romania
  • Electronic integrated services, S. Puscoci, R. Dragomir, Designing Ambient Interactions for Older Users, European Conference on Ambient Intelligence – AmI09, 18-21 Nov. 2009, Salzburg, Austria
  • Integrated teleassistance platform with enhanced accessibility to information – TELEASIS, S. Pușcoci, L. Stoicu-Tivadar, V. Stoicu-Tivadar, D. Berian, F. Șerbănescu, S. Ioniță, F. Băjan 6th IEEE International Symposium On Applied Computational Intelligence And Informatics (SACI 2011), May 19-21, 2011 In Timisora, Romania
  • Teleassistance integrated services, Sorin Puşcoci, Revista : Telecomunicaţii nr.2/201
  • TELEASIS – platformă integrată pentru teleasistență la domiciliu, Sorin Pușcoci, Lăcramioara Stoicu-Tivadar, Florin Șerbănescu, Flavius Băjan, Ion Bogdan, Silviu Ioniță, Cristian Ciortan, Revista : Telecomunicaţii, nr.1 2010
  • Romanian multimedia platform for medical teleservices implementation, S. Puşcoci, F. Șerbănescu, F. Băjan, B. Dionisie, Healthcare IT Management vol.3, Issue 3, Autumn 2007


Research project Complex system for teleassistance on NGN support, for elderly people -TELEASIS  received Award for Excellenec in eHealth 2011 at the Congres of telemediicne services - Bucharest 2011 






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